Monday, July 23, 2012

SUN RIDE 29.07.2012

Time to edge back in to the hills again and visit the lovely ladies at the Cudlee Creek cafe again.

Cudlee Creek via Gorge Road.

Easy - Return the same way.
Tough - Fox Creek - Greenhill Road
Tougher - Corkscrew/Montacute/Lofty

8am - Hindmarsh Square
or 8:30am - Tower Hotel

I'll be in Perth.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

SUNDAY RIDE - 22.07.2012

Usual Beach Run this week with all the usual sprint points
8am Hindmarsh Square.
apologies for late notice!

Friday, July 20, 2012


Want one!!! Super cheesy, euro-naff advert of Gilbert hooning around, but awesme looking bike! SDW

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Visibility Low!

These signs are evil. sign says next km averages 9% and there is 6 km's to summit.
Above the Clouds!
The difference a day makes! Epic view. This is the west side I climbed up.

One year after I was there and the tour satge is climbin it today so here is a little retrospective.

The most brilliant and horrific climb I have ever done. Actually breath tacking with the altitude having a significant effect on the air bags when you get to the top. On the second attempt I gave it a quick sprint in the final 300m to shake a young buck from Melbourne, man did that hurt!! If you are ever in the this area of France check out the valley to the west of Tourmalet, so beautiful with amazing scenery everywhere, waterfalls, rivers, cliffs, woodlands. you can mountain bike, ride road, kayak, white water raft,  rock climb, hike, fish it is awesome.

 If you ever plan going there is a hotel in St Savin which is awesome. Little restaurant does you hot breakfast and 3 course dinner 50 Euros!! even can pack you a gourmet lunch for the road! The village of St savin is out of this world. neselled on an almost imposible slope in the hill side above the valley floor it is amazing!

To put the climb in context it takes 20+ minutes to descend at about 60km/h!! The poles they put on the side of the climb telling you how far to the top and the ave grade of the next kilometer sector suck!! So evil!

Loved the climb so much did it two days back to back. one in fog that you could not see a thing  and the next day the sun could not have been brighter! A hard climb, cause setting a tempo was difficult as the grade changes quite a bit. An hour and a half of climbing is a lot! FS

Check Strava info here
More Photos on

Friday, July 13, 2012

SUNDAY RIDE 15.07.2012


Yep, the start of the climbing begins this week. for those that have been stuck on the flats, think of it as an opportunity to get ahead of those that haven't been out at all.

Old Freeway - Mylor - Meadows and Return. (Map to follow, if I can get avoid any more meetings)

8am Hindmarsh Square
8:45 am Bollards for those wanting to take their time up the old freeway.

Climbs aren't too bad after the freeway so should be able to stick together as a group.


Saturday, July 7, 2012


We have done lots of Beach lately intended to keep the numbers high in the middle of winter and it's been great to see good numbers out. Now it's time to climb!! Next week we will head for the hills in time to start the Rapha Rising. A challenge to climb the equivalent of the Circle of Death. Get involved and challenge yourself. This is quite the task for the middle of winter, but achievable. You'll need to climb from the equivalent of Glenelg to Mt lofty in elevation 9 times in one week! Good Luck. FS

See details at

Friday, July 6, 2012

SUN RIDE 08.07.2012 - BEACH

Yep, after the quick hi-jack last week to celebrate the birth of the BG's, the new kit, and the tour de france, it will be third beach run in a row, given the recent weather, that's probably just as well.
Should be plenty of sun this week. However, expect a nice chilly run down to Outer Harbour to start the ride.

MEET HINDMARSH SQ 8AMSTART Outer Harbour - Henley + Glenelg - City, 70km

Normal Outer Harbour run to Henley but with additional loop down to Glenelg Marina and back to Henley (+10km) Coffee @ Evida. Remember hold your line through the roundabouts

Sprint points:Outer harbour round about - Light pole before round about (regather)

Trimmer Parade - Bus Stop 31 before Intersection (regather)

KOM - Mt Patawalonga round about

Henley Esplanade - to the pub (henley beach rd intersection)

I'm currently going stir crazy with the flu, and beginning to think that the chances of me ever actually getting back to some level of fitness on the bike are a far fetched dream, still at least I am seeing more of the tour de france than normal. If you hear any news reports about a man who has hacked of his left leg above his knee, and is completing repeats up cement hill, just smile and know that it is me working my way back to beat Brian.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Mock up of Kit and Logos designed by Steve B with DB, AW & FS

Bastardi – This refers to us being a mix of old and young, A grade and recreational, shaved and hairy beasts, fair weather fairies and die hards.

Gruppetto – Italian same definition as the French term, Autobus. Name for a group of riders helping each other to finish the stage after they are dropped from the peloton to make the time cut off. Also known as the laughing Group.

When combined - It encapsulates that we help each other to achieve our cycling ambitions, but not always! Sometimes we attack each other - ‘Bastardi!’.

The kit will be available as soon as possible, DB is organising a package and pricing which we will forward round soon. FS

Boyd Cycling Vitesse

Since raving about these wheels for a couple of weeks I have received a few questions about what I think of them and subsequently where to get them so I figure a blog post is in order.

They are the  Boyd Cycling Vitesses. I found these wheels online after reading in some random conversations on various cycling sights that they may represent better value than another low volume wheel builder SOUL (SOUL being good light wheels but where running a standard 20mm width and cheaper spokes and hubs.)

The Vitesses have been around for a while but the latest incarnation runs a 22mm rim with a 28mm depth this supposedly makes the wheels slightly more aero due to a better tire/rim interface. This change in the cross-section of the tire is supposed to lead to improved handling and more comfort (at the right tire pressure.)  There are a number of other wheelsets being offered on Boyd's sight from slightly heavier clincher wheels good for everyday training to super light weight tubs to 88mm!!! time trial smashers. the Vitesse though is the only wheel at this stage in the line up running the new wider rim and so far in my experience makes an excellent compromise between a race ready wheelset  and a set that will handle everyday abuse (read the reviews).

All of Boys wheels run Saipim CXray spokes and quality steel bearings. There is also a crash replacement policy if you destroy your wheels in ANY sort of accident you can ship them back and have them rebuilt for $100+$2 per spoke that needs to be replaced (more for carbon rims)

Ps Boys offers all his wheels in a stronger build option. For a few more dollars and a slight weight penalty you jump to a 24-28 spoke option that will stand up to heavier riders, crappier roads and 2000 watt sprinters alike.


Monday, July 2, 2012



Most inspiring thing I have seen in ages!!!


2013 TDU

2013 TDU Challenge route released last week and the Full course released today. See news article here.
Challenge ride map here: Bupa Challenge Tour map 
Aldo's Map my Ride map here: Challenge ride MMR .

Sunday 20 January – People's Choice Classic – Rymill Park, Adelaide (51km)
Monday 21 January – Rest day
Tuesday 22 January – Stage 1 – Prospect to Lobethal (135km)
Wednesday 23 January – Stage 2 – Mt Barker to Rostrevor (116.5km)
Thursday 24 January – Stage 3 – Unley to Stirling (139km)
Friday 25 January – Bupa Stage 4 – Modbury to Tanunda (126.5km)
Sunday 27 January – Stage 6 – Elder Park, Adelaide (90km))