Tuesday, May 31, 2016

NO EXCUSES CLUB RIDE and Winter Schedule


Numbers have been fantastic but have been dropping as people go into winter hibernation. Remember if you don't go out at all you will be struggling to get that fitness back for the riding season.  So make the effort, struggle out of bed, get the thermals out of the bottom drawer and come out on the no excuses ride.
Meeting Time is 8:00 am at the City.

The ride is City-Port Road-Outer Harbor-Henley-Glenelg-Esca for Coffee.  

Winter Schedule Change 

The winter schedule was set to avoid scheduled Hills ride from now until mid August. This was discussed over coffee and it was decided that the foothills ride would get more than a bit tedious if repeated too often. Sunday was a dry day with light winds so the Hills would have been perfectly okay.

Carpe Diem
So for the next couple of months if the weather is good we will seize the day and ride the hills.

So for the next 2 months

  1. The first Sunday of the Month is the no excuses ride and it is always a beach ride
  2. All the other Winter Rides ( 29/05/16 - 07/08/16) are to start from the City and are weather calls. 
  3. If the weather is good we will make a call on Friday and substitute a Hills ride for either the beach or the foothills.
  4. Good Weather = Dry and Light Winds
  5. I will attempt to update the Blog Friday Morning with the ride
  6. The Ride guide stands if we don't take the good weather option 
Not our Philosophy but I admire the sentiment